Moringa Facial Soaps

Moringa Oil Facial Soaps

I have made a couple new facial soaps that I am really excited about! Actually face and body! This particular batch is made with a new soap formula which is even more moisturizing and made with a very special oil. Moringa oil!

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Russian Tea

I made Russian Tea today! Well, actually last winter, but I am finally sharing this with you. Russian Tea was really popular back when I was a kid, maybe in the 70s? Gosh, that is starting to sound like a very long time ago. I remember this drink fondly as a kid and it was all the rage at the time. It was a drink that the whole family could drink on a cold day and that is still true today. It is great to warm you up after building a snowman or shoveling the driveway. But just to settle down with a good book in your comfiest chair works for me. And bonus! It is not as sweet as hot chocolate and spices like cinnamon are good for you!

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Garlic Scapes

Growing Hardnecked Garlic

Garlic scapes are the shoots that the garlic sends up to flower. They are really pretty or at least I think so! They are a curly shoot with a white-green “flower bud” close to the end. My mom gave me a garlic plant a couple of years ago. Somehow I thought it was some sort of Asian onion that a neighbor had given her. I grew the plant that first year and collected all of the scapes to dry. They dry beautifully and would look nice in a flower arrangement except for the garlic smell! Not good! The next year, well I enjoyed them in the garden and didn’t do anything with the scapes. So this year? Well, the past explains why about half of my vegetable garden this spring was sprouting new garlic plants. All of those flowers did their job well and took over that end of the garden. I pulled up a lot of it to make space for eggplant, zucchini and peppers. I almost took out the rest of them to make more space and now I am so glad that I did not!

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Easy Flatbread with Grapes, Blue Cheese and Rosemary

Lucky Me! My sister and brother-in-law had to come into town for a wedding! So we all took a day or two off work and made it a nice long weekend. So, of course, we needed something to eat!

Flatbread with Grapes, Blue Cheese and Rosemary

It has become a tradition for my husband and I to drive out highway 94 to visit the wineries on Columbus Day. In October the weekends are busy with crowds of people at the wineries. They come to listen to live music, have lunch and taste some great wines. But on Monday, Columbus Day, we have the wineries to ourselves. There are no lines and we can pick the best table in the place. Although the music is nice, the peace and quiet is really nice too. Pretty scenery with a hawk or two flying above the vineyards. The weather is starting to cool off and although it is early, the trees are turning pretty reds, yellows and oranges. We spend some time together and enjoy some wine in the beautiful outdoors. Continue reading “Easy Flatbread with Grapes, Blue Cheese and Rosemary”


Hot Pepper Jelly with Thai Basil

We  love hot pepper jelly. Who doesn’t? Right? A sweet and spicy hot pepper jelly or jam made with plenty of peppers can be enjoyed so many ways. It has become a family favorite to be enjoyed during the holidays at our house making it a terrific holiday gift. Continue reading “Hot Pepper Jelly with Thai Basil”


Sun Painting- A Simple Laboratory Trick

As you know, I have been playing with Sun Painting! It is super easy and the effects are amazing. See instructions in an earlier post, Sun Painting. Unfortunately, the sun and the weather in general does not always cooperate. My backyard and deck faces southwest so it does not get early morning sun. If I wait until the sun gets overhead, it could mean that the clouds have started to move in or worse yet, a storm. You really don’t realize this until you really need a dry sunny day. I decided to start early, because the forecast had mentioned afternoon showers. I grabbed another apron and painted this one a pretty orange and brown. Perfect fall colors! Perfect for Thanksgiving! Continue reading “Sun Painting- A Simple Laboratory Trick”


Sun Painting

Today I finally got to try Sun Painting! I bought paints last summer, but it was going into fall and not very sunny or warm. So I never had a chance to try the paints. Well today, it is in the upper 90s and quite sunny. Perfect weather for Sun Painting. I picked out a couple of cotton aprons that I had bought for this project thinking that they would make great gifts. My family loves to cook and bake, and they will love a new, one of a kind apron! They were washed with fabric detergent to remove any fabric seizing and oils, and then ironed to get as flat as possible. I recruited my daughter, Courtney,  to join me in some fun! Continue reading “Sun Painting”


An Organic Garden Field Trip

I visited an amazing organic garden today.  I met Bill through our neighborhood app. Bill posted Comfrey for sale and I posted organic Rhubarb for sale. We decided to tour each others gardens. Bill’s garden is a master organic garden and he generously allowed me to take a few pictures to share with you! Continue reading “An Organic Garden Field Trip”


Early morning walk in July

Today was beautiful! Finally, a break in the hot, humid midwest heat. It has been unusually hot this spring and it has continued into summer, so we really have not been taking long walks. Plus my older dog is slowing down and I just didn’t think she was up to a long walk. This morning she did not want to go for a walk at all. She went and stood by the couch when I got out the leashes. She was shouting “No, not today”.  I don’t think she is feeling well. Anyway, my younger dog, Mozzie, was more than excited. So we headed out into the cool morning air taking our usual route. But it was so nice, I decided to head for the park. Continue reading “Early morning walk in July”